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Seoul Central Women’s Development Center provides counseling and space for female-led startups, and improves management skills through refresher courses. Seoul Central Women’s Development Center helps women become professional female entrepreneurs in a knowledge information society. Read more
Space Sallim is the largest startup support organization for women in Korea and operates a complex for women and family. Space Sallim "creates a startup ecosystem from a gender perspective" and supports "the healthy growth of companies and people" within. Space Sallim provides a variety of facilities and programs, including office · sales space for startups, as well as shared office, shared office with children allowed, studios, shared kitchens, child care and education centers. Read more
Seoul Woman Craft Center, the Arium is a multicultural platform that specializes in supporting and promoting creative and entrepreneurial activities for craftswomen. Seoul Woman Craft Center, the Arium provides shop-style studios (53 rooms), customized startup assistance, and innovation programs to (future) female craft entrepreneurs, while offering craft exhibitions / education / market / lifestyle craft programs to local residents and citizens. Read more
Seoul Northern Women's Development Center provides office space, startup education and corporate growth programs to female founders in preliminary or early stages who are converting outstanding ideas into a systematic business. As a professional startup incubator for women, Seoul Northern Women's Development Center offers the only store-type incubator in Korea. Read more
Seoul Eastern Women’s Development CenterSeoul Eastern Women's Development Center diagnoses business stages of pre or existing female founders to provide customized startup assistance. In addition, Seoul Eastern Women's Development Center discovers female founders in female-friendly industries and social economy organizations, and fosters them into promising women-owned businesses. As a startup incubator for women in Seoul, Seoul Eastern Women's Development Center provides startup assistance for developing sustainable business models. Read more
Nambu Women's Development Center in Seoul provides exclusive offices, numerous facilities and assistance with management of technology for female founders to minimize initial investment costs. Nambu Women's Development Center also helps members grow into professional female entrepreneurs based on transparent and ethical management as well as knowledge management. Read more
Startup Dream Studio is a startup support facility designed to provide a place to work and live for youth entrepreneurs in Seoul, while helping them concentrate on business, communicate and collaborate with other members. Startup Dream Studio supports members with businesses through expert mentoring, education, networking and community Read more
Social Venture Hub is an institution established through the joint cooperation of Seoul City, Korea Asset Management Corporation (KAMCO), Korea Student Aid Foundation and Public Workers Solidarity Foundation. In order to revitalize the social venture ecosystem, Social Venture Hub provides support in each growth stage, education, office space, assistance for able-tech (assistive technology) startups, research, forum and test lab projects Read more
Sewoon Collaboration Support Center operates a hub in Sewoon Plaza, which was created by the urban regeneration project of Seoul, "reMAKE SEWOON Project", and helps residents of Sewoon Plaza govern themselves. Sewoon Collaboration Support Center creates a technology and culture space tailored for Sewoon Plaza, supports members and activities in the hub, and operates extensive programs for revitalizing the industrial economy of Sewoon Plaza. Read more
Startup Incubation Center, University of Seoul aims to support and foster entrepreneurs based on new knowledge and technology. Read more
Seoul Partners House is an incubator that assists businesses and provides networking for pre-founders, solo creators and startups in the cultural content field. Seoul Partners House presents the optimal work environment for companies and creators, while providing consulting for each startup cycle and educational programs, including PR marketing and intellectual property. Read more
Seoul Start-up Growth Center operates domestic and overseas support programs for startups located in Seoul with outstanding technology within 7 years of foundation. As a professional startup support organization, Seoul Start-up Growth Center provides office space, offers customized business assistance, and helps startups scale globally. Read more
Seoul Startup Didimteo, established in 2014, is a startup support organization of Seoul City that discovers and fosters startups in their early stages. Its goal is to revitalize startups in the northeastern part of Seoul and build a sound startup ecosystem. Under the vision of "the best startup platform in the northeastern part of Seoul", Seoul Startup Didimteo aims to create a foundation for entrepreneurs, who wish to make a better world, to challenge themselves, grow and succeed together. In order to facilitate this goal, Seoul Startup Didimteo provides startup education, mentoring, member acceleration, and community building programs. Read more
Seoul Global Startup Center discovers startups owned by non-Korean citizens in preliminary, early or growth stages with outstanding ideas. Then, Seoul Global Startup Center offers programs, including startup education, consulting, mentoring and startup funding to facilitate growth. Read more
Seoul Startup Hub, Seongsu fosters promising companies that solve social problems while generating profit. Read more
Seoul Startup Hub collaborates with investors to screen and select outstanding companies validate. by private accelerators. Then, Seoul Startup Hub fosters them with Hub Partners, startup support organizations, to facilitate subsequent investments and global expansion. Read more
IT Park is a complex of facilities, buildings and structures designed to ensure the launch and market launch of promising start-up projects. Read more
An accelerator/incubator that has various programs for startups like bootcamps, access to funding and mentors Read more
Queen's Capital is a student-run investment fund under the Alma Mater Society at Queen's University. The investment fund was created for the purpose of providing investors with the opportunity to participate in financial markets and also to educate individuals who have a keen interest in finance. Read more
Compass North is a five-month accelerator program for women-led startups in the greater Kingston region Read more
Kingston Creative is a nonprofit arts organisation started in 2017 by a team of three co-founders who believe in using Art and Culture to achieve social and economic transformation.  Read more
enLIGHT is Canada's largest student-run nonprofit dedicated to helping students start startups through an intercollegiate network of student founders, innovators, and doers. Read more
Innovation Creation community is a shared office that supports entrepreneurs. If you join as a general member, you can use the office space 365 days a year. In addition to using Wifi and posts, you can also take various seminars free of charge to learn the basic knowledge necessary for starting up Read more
Innovation Hub Kyoto aims to validate the translational feasibility of research results as business seeds, and to establish and nurture academic start-up companies that are the key players in converting the science into business Read more
KOIN ACCELERATOR PROGRAM is an opportunity to get advice and hints from business producers and entrepreneurs who have a wide range of knowledge toward the realization and realization of your "I want to try XX." As well as giving advice on how to grow your ideas into a project, KOIN staff will accompany you and network with various collaborative organizations to support your ideas from taking off from this area of ​​Kyoto. Read more
Technology Seed Incubation is a kyoto-based business incubator and accelerator that helps entrpreneur with funding, expansion and commercialization Read more
Monozukuri Ventures is on a mission is to help the world’s entrepreneurs rapidly deliver high-quality products to the market, regardless of production volume Read more
Growtheater provides a platform to bridge between foreign startups and Japanese investors and business firms. Read more
Gold Ark is a Global Scale-Up Accelerator officially registered with the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (No. 2019-31) and a company builder that supports the qualitative growth of early start-ups. Read more
NEOPLY unlocks and maximizes potential in the crypto scene Read more
Schmidt focuses on investing in early-stage companies Read more
Primer invests initial start-up funds in start-up teams in various fields such as mobile/internet service, software, healthcare, and HW&SW convergence, and operates an accelerating program that helps success through mentoring and education. Read more
Founders Loft is a co-working community and incubator with offices in Gothenburg for digital service companies where entrepreneurs meet, follow their dreams and build their companies. Read more
DIH is a special project of the City Government of Naga that is managed by the Naga City Investment Board/Investment & Trade Promotion Office (NCIB/ITPO) to build and promote the digital innovation ecosystem in the city. DIH provides support, funding, facilities, and networks to digital or tech startups in the city. Read more
BEECALL means Bicol Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Center for Accelerating Local Livelihood. As a technology business incubator, we provide inclusive and long-term growth for Bicolano entrepreneurs and startups through technology, innovation, and pro-active entrepreneurship. Read more
Penang Startup Accelerator Program is the collaboration between Penang Youth Development Corporation (PYDC), Vincaps Capital and Big Domain. We believe in enabling startups and businesses to bring their ideas or business model to the next level by providing funding, network and state of art facilities available in Penang island. Read more
Malaysia’s 1st Blockchain & AIoT Incubator Accelerator located at Creative Digital District Penang.  Read more
The C3 Impact Lab is a 6-month investment readiness program helping pre-seed and seed startups maximize their financial opportunity and fundraising efforts. Read more
The C3 Impact Lab is a 6-month investment readiness program helping pre-seed and seed startups maximize their financial opportunity and fundraising efforts. Read more
Namibia Business Innovation Institute supports research, entrepreneurship and innovation. They assist in getting startups insights from an idea to the marketplace. Read more
Dololo provides services to startup and corporate businesses, organisations and institutions in the form of Internal Innovation Sessions, Impact Workshops.  Read more
Impact Tank is a Namibian/Swiss venture builder that uses social entrepreneurship as a means to create sustainable impact. Read more
StartUp Namibia aims to improve conditions for the establishment and growth of startups in in Namibia.  Read more
We accelerate the entrepreneurial mindset in our youth. We have developed over 50 tools, methods, techniques, software and games to teach entrepreneurship by example. Read more
Venture for Canada is a national charity that links interns and recent grads to paid opportunities at Canadian startups and small businesses. Read more
Epoka University is a private university founded in 2007 in Tirana, Albania. The university received accreditation by the Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education in 2011. It offers Bachelor, Master of Science, Professional Master and PhD degrees. Read more
The European University of Tirana is an accredited private university in Tirana, Albania. It was established in 2006 by four PhD students: Adri Nurellari, Blendi Kajsiu, Ermal Hasimja, and Henri Çili, in collaboration with business manager Laert Duraj and journalist Robert Rakipllari. Read more
University of New York Tirana is the first private university in Albania founded in 2002. UNYT offers English language teaching including three cycles of studies. Read more
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