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We want to build a smart future. To achieve that, we’re building a unique ecosystem that connects change-makers and leading organizations. Read more
The Lanzadera startup accelerator and incubator is driven by the 300 startups that are in the building, their mentors, project managers, partners and large corporations that work hand in hand with the entrepreneurs. Read more
Acceso a FINANCIACION + red de EMBAJADORES + ESPACIO DE TRABAJO coworking+ Acompañamiento durante un año por un MENTOR+ NETWORKING + acceso a más de 60 PREMIOS+ ASESORAMIENTO gratuito por los mejores expertos + VISIBILIDAD y publicidad a tu proyecto+ FISCALIDAD Read more
BilbaoPorts has created Bilbao Portlab to create an Open innovation Ecosystem, working with startups and matching them with challenges and problems of the Port community. Read more
Newer analytical solutions are being offered everyday to help companies outperform competition. Machine learning on the other hand, is out-reaching milestones one after another, and attracting billions of investment from the tech giants. We, at Startupbootcamp Barcelona, believe in the future of this revolution and commit to scaling up these innovative companies, to witness the next generation of products and services.<br /><br />During the course of an intensive 3-month acceleration program in Barcelona , our 10 selected startups work with 100+ mentors, coaches, partners and investors to build these disruptive technologies. The program officially ends with a magnificent Demo Day at the 4YFN stage of the Mobile World Congress, where startups pitch in front of over 700 potential investors and customers. Read more
We take individuals and existing startups from an idea to funding and beyond. Read more
Intelectium helps entrepreneurs raise private and public capital.<br /><br />We design the best financing strategies and capital structures for each project, from rounds involving only business angels, to more complex transactions involving national and international VCs. In all cases, we leverage the operations with public debt without guarantees to minimize the dilution for entrepreneurs and thus compensate for the lower valuations that characterize the Spanish market.<br /><br />We adapt to the timings of each company and entrepreneur, getting involved in the achievement of specific objectives and offering personalized advice. Read more
SeedRocket is the leading accelerator in Spain which provides access to mentors, investors and business angels with a strong focus on technology-based startups at a seed stage. Read more
We are a team of professionals with great experience in business growth that develops a new concept of support for organizations with innovative leaders, fully aligned with the needs of the new era we face.<br /><br />The mission of 2 Digits Growth is to help companies accelerate their innovation and growth, by identifying and managing new business opportunities.<br /><br />Our professional trajectory has taught us that opportunities are not sought or found. They develop.<br /><br />We are an expert community of more than 30 professionals in multiple areas and sectors where we offer with guarantees, the detection of business opportunities, the acceleration of projects in a sustained manner, optimizing investments, either through internal talent or through strategic collaboration. with Start Ups.<br /><br />We accelerate the projects of our clients in a totally personalized way but with our own methodology, which is widely contrasted.<br /><br />Our objective: to contribute 100% of the value with 0% of captivity. Read more
Impulsamos el emprendimiento y la inversión en impacto social. Read more
Gamebcn is the videogame incubator in Barcelona that was created to help develop teams that have mainly come from university. Read more
We build internet companies that aim at being first in class at what they do. We are an independent, private initiative creating future-defining products.<br /><br />We enjoy change, we break things apart and we fight the status quo.<br /><br />We understand software, marketing and business development. We are interested in the ins and outs of how things work. We look for doers who can answer the hows and the whys, and get stuff done all by themselves. We like execution. Ideas are OK, but we prefer people who can bring actual projects to life.<br /><br />We work real hard. We think nothing can be achieved without great effort, and that is something that none of our startups will ever lack, as a principle. Read more
EIT Food Accelerator Network offers a wider European agrifood industry. With a €15,000 grant, we facilitate your participation in the programme and provide you with 30 days training and networking opportunities. Read more
BerriUp is the first private Startup Accelerator initiative<br /> in the Basque Country. The main objective of the program is to validate in the market startups' viable and scalable products or services. Read more
Nuclio is a Venture Builder which drives and builds startups from business ideas validated in other markets. To achieve this , we identify and investigate successful models in other countries, introduce them in Nuclio and develop the business idea following an agile methodology based on lean startup . To do this, we rely on the cornerstone of success: the team's talent. Read more
ProtoAtlantic First accelerator program focused on European Blue Growth, developing a European Ecosystem for prototyping projects, from pre-seed to start-up. Read more
Accelerator of early stage companies within the agrifood. The accelerator aims to become an international benchmark in the sector. With the purpose of accelerating 8 innovative projects in each call, some of them from abroad. Read more
INNOLAB Bilbao offers incubation of business projects with Artificial Intelligence within its value proposition or productive process. Read more
Incubaeco is a team of people from a social business who committed to their work with a large network of ecosystem partners. Read more
We support and invest in ambitious founders looking to change the world. Read more
Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia is the largest fintech acceleration program and the largest open innovation center in Spain. Read more
BOXLAB 4.0 is a pioneering acceleration program for tangible products in Spain, designed for entrepreneurs or companies with an early stage physical product that needs help to become a profitable and scalable business. Read more
Olympoboxes is an accelerator that helps startups to grow in sales. Read more
Beaz es una sociedad pública de la Diputación Foral de Bizkaia cuyo objetivo es apoyar a las empresas y las personas emprendedoras en su esfuerzo por crear nuevos proyectos, innovar e internacionalizarse. Read more
BOXLAB 4.0 is an acceleration program of tangible products, designed for entrepreneurs and companies that have a physical product at an early stage that needs support to become a profitable and scalable business. Read more
Olympo Boxes is an accelerator to grow your sales. If you get customers, you will get funding. Our goal is to accelerate business models until demonstrating high profitability potential from the initial stage to a scalable stage. Read more
BIND 4.0 is an acceleration program geared toward tech startups with solutions applied to Advanced Manufacturing, Smart Energy, Health Tech or Food Tech fields. Read more
In Barcelona, we have amazing talent, entrepreneurs, and projects that can compete with Silicon Valley companies.<br /><br />Our goal is to help our startups, those based in Spain and the rest of Europe, to get a foothold in Silicon Valley, to connect with investors. Read more
Acceleration Program for projects providing solutions to Smart and Innovative Tourist Destinations. Read more
Accelerator program that seeks disruptive technologies-based projects<br />that offer Global solutions for large-scale markets with a MRR greater than €10,000 and 20% growth. We offer access to a 100,000€ convertible load, partners, and investors network. Read more
Bind 4.0 is a public-private acceleration program that lasts 24 weeks and takes place in the Basque Country. It focuses on Advanced Manufacturing, Smart Energy, Health Tech and Food Tech early stage startups, which includes big data, additive manufacturing, artificial vision, augmented and virtual reality, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and robotics.<br /><br />The program will provide selected startups with the opportunity to create relationships with partner companies as customer-suppliers. There are 52 partner companies such as ABB, CAF, Aernnova, Mercedes-Benz, Orona, Michelin, Repsol-Petronol, Siemens Gamesa, Faes Farma, Ulma, Coca-Cola or Unilever, among others. Read more
Technova PreAccelerator it’s a 10 week program of pre-acceleration for people with entrepreneurial concerns, that would like to create a startup in the field of ICT.<br /><br />The program combines weekly training and custom meeting sessions.<br /><br />Once the program is completed, entrepreneurs get to have defined their business models and their validation on the market by defining an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).<br /><br />The program combines general training for the definition and launch of a startup, specific training in specific areas such as Big Data, Internet of Things, Smart City or Mobile, and networking with ecosystem players -investors, accelerators, entrepreneurs and businesspeople.<br /><br />The teams will have access to the coworking space during the 10 weeks in the incubator of La Salle Technova. The program has a space of 48m2 with 24/7 accessibility to facilitate the growth of startups in an entrepreneurial environment. Read more
Magis Teams is a project incubator born from ImpulsetoGrow. It distinguishes itself from other incubators and accelerators by taking projects in very early stages and carrying through a personalised incubation process, adapted to the needs of each entrepreneur. We prioritise from the beginning the balance between business motivation and the ethical and humanitarian side of the project.<br />Our thesis states that entrepreneurship that comes from self-knowledge will make a better world, more successful businesses and happier entrepreneurs. Read more
We are an internet business incubator that connects the best business opportunities with the best entrepreneurial talent to create innovative, scalable and invertible companies.<br /><br />We create Startups from scratch. To participate is not necessary to have team or idea. Through the #AllStartup, we identify the best entrepreneurial talent and we connect it to create the "Dream Team".<br /><br />Once the incubation program starts, we analyze and propose jointly with entrepreneurs, business opportunities based on successful models in other countries and market trends to develop them following a own methodology based on Lean Startup. Read more
Cloud Incubator HUB is a business incubator/accelerator whose purpose is to encourage startups in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. Read more
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