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The Russia Startup Ecosystem is a regional Leader in innovation, ranked at number 29 globally, and shows a negative momentum -12 spots since 2021. Russia also ranks at number 3 for startups in Eastern Europe.

There are 18 cities ranked in the top 1,000 in Russia and the top ranked city in Russia is Moscow at 29 globally. Moscow is followed by Saint Petersburg at 237 and Kazan at 555.

Russia is an ideal place to locate for Education, Social & Leisure and Foodtech startups. As the most popular industries in the country, there is a sample of 650 Education startups in Russia, 290 Social & Leisure startups in Russia and 251 Foodtech startups in Russia, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is a sample of 2081 startups in Russia, 65 accelerators in Russia, 106 coworking spaces in Russia, 5 organizations in Russia and 5 leaders in Russia.

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65 accelerators in representative sample
Creating intelligent chemistry: technologies, teams, skills, ecosystem. Focus areas of our work related to growing global markets (CAGR> 5%) and green chemistry. BioTech, Material Genome &Cheminformatics, Chemoengeeniring, Energy&ecology Read more
Our task: to give you the opportunity to start a startup and make a breakthrough using proven international tools. We conduct a thorough selection and make high demands on the participants. Read more
RAISE - an educational program with a competitive component, aimed at identifying and developing socially-oriented young leaders based on the experience of developing and implementing real student social projects using an entrepreneurial approach. Read more
MTS is ready to consider different types of cooperation: from the client contract to the purchase of a solution, and also plans to offer the products of the Russian teams to foreign partners. Read more
The aim of the Streamline accelerator is to find products and technologies that help reduce human interaction and help these projects grow in a post-conflict world. Read more
The programme aims to develop the export potential of companies so that entrepreneurs can: expand markets, develop a roadmap and go global. Participation in the programme is fee-based. 85% of the training cost is subsidised by the Moscow City Government. Read more
Communication between teams with mentors, investors and representatives of large companies. The programme aims to help pre-Seed projects develop their product and attract customers and investment. The opportunity to interact innovation market participants from Europe and Asia. Read more
Business development with experts from Russian Post and the Skolkovo Foundation, access to new markets, financial support, special prizes for winners. Read more
The best innovation projects in the field of non-nuclear business development of ROSATOM. Assistance in finding and financing the development of new products and identifying the most promising technologies for priority investment as part of the development of new businesses. Read more
For startups with a ready suitable solution. The goal is to find a valuable contribution to the development of automobile industry in Russia. The applicability of the project does not have to be limited to the automobile sphere, it can be a different business area. Read more
Residents are provided with seed funding, usage of infrastructure, assistance in developing a business model, and the opportunity to turn an idea into a working business in 4 months Read more
An acceleration programme for fintech start-ups. Main functions:<br />Diagnosis of innovation needs and implementation practices<br />Development of internal entrepreneurship<br />Increasing teamwork efficiency<br />Improving internal communications across the company<br />Scouting start-up teams. Read more
Free business scaling program for startups creating breakthrough digital solutions in promising industries:<br />Logtech<br />Proptech<br />Edtech<br />RetailTech Read more
The first project to develop innovative FMCG businesses in the Russian market. Beginning entrepreneurs and startup teams are invited to participate, developing innovative solutions in the following areas: beauty, fashion and style, food, household goods, family and children. Read more
Development and implementation of its own IT and blockchain projects, as well as accelerating promising projects and bringing them to the world market. As part of the direction, advanced digital services and applications, cloud solutions for the service sector were launched. Read more
Retail Innovative Technical Alliance is looking for startups to launch joint pilots with leading corporations in Russia. Created by leading Russian trading and technology companies to search for and introduce innovations Read more
Accelerator for educational projects Accelerate the development and increase sales of the existing project together with the online education market leader in just 3 months.The best projects will receive investments of up to 10 million rubles. from Netology groups Read more
Acceleration program of metropolitan IT entrepreneurs GoGlobal with the support of the Government of Moscow.<br />Run sales abroad with the support of the Moscow Export Center Read more
This is a startup accelerator working on the co-founder as a service model, in an individual rather than a streaming format, helping to develop technological B2B startups with global potential. Read more
Acceleration program in Russia and Ireland<br />and a prize of up to 3 million rubles for entering the global market Read more
Joint initiative with X5 Retail Group Selected participants, together with Orange Business Services, will prepare a proposal for the pilot implementation of an innovative solution for X5 Retail Group. Read more
An intensive three-month program for entrepreneurs aimed at accelerating business development. At the heart of training - advanced management tools and work with mentors and trackers Read more
Educational program for entrepreneurs who want to scale up their own project<br />Entrepreneurs, managing owners who want to scale up their project<br />Modular learning system<br />5 months - 4 days in a month (Thursday – Sunday) Read more
95 innovative start-ups have already become graduates of the accelerator, many of which have shown excellent results: they have attracted investments, launched pilot projects with corporations, are actively developing sales and entering the international market. Read more
Support the entrepreneurial ecosystem of<br />MIPT University. Created with private money from graduates to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem of MIPT Read more
The main goal: the search for innovative solutions in the industrial sector and their successful integration into the production cycle of Severstal Read more
Urban community development program for their active involvement in the process of changing cities for the better. Read more
Accelerator aims to shape leaders<br />social projects of new entrepreneurial competencies and “packaging” projects in the social sphere to attract financing.<br />During the Accelerator, participants along with experienced business trainers worked on developing their projects Read more
Identification and Biometrics <br />Big Data and Machine Learning<br />Track & Trace Solutions<br />New Industrial Paper Processing TechniquesIndustrial Robots <br />RPAPrinted Electronics Read more
Invest accelerator. Our experience and investments for the explosive growth of your project at an early stage (pre-seed, seed).<br />We select projects focused on rapid growth, with potential demand of $ 1 billion or more, in the markets of the 400 largest metropolitan areas Read more
Online school. Collected courses for children: teachers, psychologists, trainers, educators and other specialists. Read more
An online platform that can be used to prepare a child for school, conveniently and systematically develop his skills or teach the kid something completely new. Read more
Uniter Algorithm Introduces You<br />Every week with helpful people<br />via email invitation. Read more
Resource for selection<br />remote employees. Read more
The Formula programs over the years have become a career elevator for a huge number of participants and have given them the opportunity to move from interns to business project managers and CEOs of innovative companies in the shortest time Read more
Few minutes to get:<br />• Investments of 1,400,000 rubles ; <br />• Customized program, designed specifically for you; <br />• Access to the network of the largest partner companies on Russian and international markets; <br />• Support of international mentors, experts, entrepreneurs Read more
The system is designed to enhance and increase the effectiveness of the innovation process, combines the participants of innovation in a single information and trading space Read more
Accelerator focus - projects in the areas of cloud technology, mobility, information security, Internet of things (IoT), digital technology (digital), legal technology (LegalTech), machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) Read more
Program for technology companies, which is carried out in collaboration with the YellowRockets Foundation. <br />The program gives participants the opportunity to access PwC customers and partners and accelerate the development of your business Read more
A non-profit startup school for ex-USSR. It is a clone of Y Combinator's School. Two batches a year. 2 month each. Equity free. Free participation. Read more
RVC organized the first tech startup accelerator under the GenerationS brand, which immediately received widespread response from entrepreneurs. Read more
High-tech Turbo - acceleration program for high-tech startups of the pre-seed stage with the potential to enter the international market. Participants will receive investments in the amount of 1.5 million rubles to start the project in full-time mode, comprehensive support in the development of the company and assistance in attracting international investments.<br /><br />Accelerator priority areas: Biomed, Biotech, Medtech, Hardware, ML & AI, Chemtech, Advanced Materials, Energy and other high-tech areas.<br /><br />The organizers of the program are: HSE Business Incubator, Neuronet Industry Alliance and AngelTurbo Angel Foundation. Read more
the first accelerator, where real businessmen-practitioners help you make your business more efficient, pump your personality and become truly successful. No info-businessmen, booksellers or packers. Only real knowledge from real successful people!<br /><br />during 2,5 months you will be learning to create companies that bring money and are interesting to investors from all over the world under the supervision of real businessmen-practitioners Read more
“Venture Accelerator” is an educational project that explains the rules of work in the venture capital market for free: it teaches you to create a technological start-up from scratch and attract investments. The goal of the project is to help schoolchildren and students to start their own business. "Venture Accelerator" is a free course for young people from 13 years old with a technological bias. Read more
IIDF and Leroy Merlin are recruiting IT start-ups in the retail sector (DIY segment) into a joint acceleration program. In the framework of the program, IIDF will invest in IT startups from 2.5 to 25 million rubles. Participating companies will receive advice from experts of Leroy Merlin and IIDF in marketing, sales and the DIY market and the ability to pilot a solution based on the stores and customers of Leroy Merlin.<br /><br />We are looking for IT startups in the areas of:<br />Big Data and Machine Learning in Retail Read more
Grants4Apps program is for start-ups in the field of <br />digital health and digital farming<br /><br />Start-ups that develop innovative software solutions, as well as applications, gadgets and various technologies that may be applicable in therapeutic areas such as ophthalmology, oncology, women's health, and cardiology are invited to participate in the digital health program. Read more
The Global Growth Challenge Acceleration Program is a unique platform for the IT market, where young entrepreneurs will be able to get support in developing new markets directly from Softline mentors and experts, companies with a unique sales channel, for a limited time.<br />Accelerator's goal: preparing 10 technology companies to launch sales of their solutions abroad<br /><br />We are looking for:<br /><br />young IT companies that are thinking about entering other markets, but do not yet know where to start<br /><br />young entrepreneurs who understand why they are internationally active but have not yet decided on their region of presence<br /><br />startups that have already tried to work in other markets, but for one reason or another, constant activity did not work out there Read more
“Accelerator IIDF” is a paid business development program. It has already passed 450+ IT-companies, 80% of them increased revenues and other indicators.<br />We will help you find customers who need your product, improve your ROI, break even a business or increase profits. The most important thing is to emerge from operating activities and find new prospects for business. Read more
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