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Prague, Czechia Accelerators Map has 5 accelerators, and the highest ranked accelerators in Prague, Czechia are StartupYard, AI Startup Incubator and VŠEM Accelerator.

Prague, Czechia is ranked 0 in Czechia and N/A globally, based on its number of accelerators.

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5 accelerators
AI Startup Incubator understands Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and focuses on AI startups only

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The VŠEM accelerator is mainly about learning. Professionals in the field, globetrotters and entrepreneurs share their expertise , their successes, but also quizzes and falls that move you forward

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CzechAccelerator is for innovative czech startups.

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CEED Tech is a consortium of five startup accelerators building and scaling global companies from Central and Eastern Europe. <br /><br />Each team accepted to the accelerator will receive initial seed financing in the form of a grant in total of up to €30,000. In addition, the most promising companies with the highest potential business ideas, will receive follow-up funding of €30,000 - 250,000 after the programme.<br /><br />Our five 3-6 months acceleration programs are based in vibrant technology hubs:<br /><br />•Startup Wise Guys (Estonia)<br />•Open Coffee Club (Lithuania)<br />•The Spot (Slovakia)<br />•Startup Yard (Czech Republic)<br />•Digital Factory (Hungary)<br /><br />With our network of over 450 mentors, we guide and connect ambitious entrepreneurs building businesses in data, cloud services, analytics, transactional technologies, fintech, e-commerce, B2B technologies, IoT, location-based services, and security software.

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StartupYard is a seed accelerator for technology startups. Its goal is to help companies to build a viable product, launch fast and prepare to attract funding. Since 2011 StartupYard has accelerated 29 companies, of which 19 are still active, 8 have raised angel capital, and 4 were acquired. StartupYard is a member of Global Accelerator Network and is based in Prague, Czech Republic.

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