About StartupBlink

StartupBlink is an interactive global startup ecosystem map which has tens of thousands of registered startups and other related entities such as Coworking spaces, accelerators, startups organizations, tech reporters and much more.

Our goal is to create a one stop shop global startup information and collaboration hub which will allow entrepreneurs to grow their startups and connect with relevant resources. Feel free to add your information on our global startup ecosystem map!

Our platforms was featured by dozens of global publications including Forbes, CNN, The Next Web, Business Insider and Guy Kawasaki. (Click here to see Startupblink’s Press Page)

What is a Blink?

The site enables startups to post real time updates by “blinking” their news on a world map for everyone to see and follow.
The “blinking” provides followers instant and up to date information regarding a startup’s goals, milestones reached, job recruiting, questions, and status.  Blinks are also visible by search engines.

About the Team:

Roderick Warren is a technologist and entrepreneur from Zurich, Switzerland. Roderick has worked for various technology companies such as Oracle and Sun Micro-systems. Before entering into the Tech industry, Roderick was a Specialist in Fire Protection and Emergency Management working on assignments in conflict places such as Iraq and Kosovo. Roderick is a US military veteran.
Eli David is a Certified Public Accountant, Economist, and an MBA graduate with work experience in such firms as BDO (corporate division) and KPMG (audit and financial services). Eli also co-Founded Lingolearn.com and Lingolearn.co.il, an online language school with clients and teachers around the world. Eli is also a digital nomad constantly changing locations in the last 5 years (More on the nomadic lifestyle can be read in Eli’s Blog)
We are also fortunate to have dozens of global voluntary ambassadors from around the world. More details about our Ambassadors Here.

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