About StartupBlink Global Map

StartupBlink is a global startup ecosystem map with thousands of registered startups, coworking spaces, accelerators, reporters, investors and much more!  If you are taking an part in your local startup ecosystem, add your entity on our map!

Our platform is still evolving and we continue to add features to it as we receive more feedback from our users. Our goal is to create a hub that will enable entrepreneurs in startup ecosystem around the world to connect, receive valuable information and access to tools which will allow them to grow their startups.

Official Partner of ANSYS Startup Program                                          ANSYS STARTUP PROGRAM

StartupBlink, the global startup ecosystem map, is proud to be an official partner of the ANSYS® Startup Program. ANSYS, Inc. has been identified as one of the world’s most innovative companies by globally recognized media outlets such as Bloomberg Businessweek and FORTUNE magazine. Partnering with ANSYS allows us to continue developing our platform for the benefit of StartupBlink users while also providing eligible startups around the world with access to cutting-edge engineering simulation software at a fraction of the commercial price. Startups can find out if they are eligible and learn more about the ANSYS® startup program here.

About the Team:

We started working on the project more than 3 years ago, and it has been a fun ride, as we are a bootstrapped startup just like most of the startups in the world.

Roderick Warren is our awesome CTO a from Zurich, Switzerland. Roderick has worked for various technology companies such as Oracle and Sun Micro-systems. Before entering into the Tech industry, Roderick was a Specialist in Fire Protection and Emergency Management working on assignments in conflict places such as Iraq and Kosovo.

Eli David is a our nomadic CEO.  He is a Certified Public Accountant, Economist, and an MBA graduate with work experience in such firms as KPMG and BDO. Eli has also co-Founded Lingolearn.com, an online language school and is a digital nomad constantly changing locations in the last 5 years (More on the nomadic lifestyle can be read in Eli’s Blog)


Or Hillel is StartupBlink’s digital marketing manager with over a decade of experience in high-level digital marketing. He is a startup enthusiast and co-founder of several projects around the world.

Our Consultants:

Jiah Kim is the principal attorney for Jiah Kim & Associates and a legal advisor for StartupBlink.

She has worked in New York law firms before starting her own and working with her favorite clients, international startups. She continues to travel learning about different laws, eating lots of great food, and meeting awesome people.


Pier Paolo Mucelli is a consultant for the StartupBlink Coworking Community Program.

He’s a London based entrepreneur and angel investor. Pier’s main activity is at eOffice, the first coworking concept in Europe and the company he founded in early 2000. Pier is also active in the UK/European startup community and supports several startup and mentors organizations.


Other Partners:


SimilarWeb constantly analyses 3 million apps and 80 million websites to provide their thousands of clients the best market intelligence solutions. With their 24/7 support, they help anyone from small businesses to global enterprises to understand, track and grow their digital market share.


Active Community Leaders:

StartupBlink is running a global City leaders program. Here are a few of our most active exclusive city leaders around the world:

Alexander Mittler is our leader in Frankfurt. A Creative Innovator in automotive and IoT, Alexander loves making new connections with inspiring people. He’s experienced in Entrepreneurship, Management, Technical/Engineering, Business Development and Project Management.


Jorge Nieto is our leader in Bogota. He is MBA specialized in finance. Professional Experience analyzing investments, in consulting and social entrepreneurship. Skilled in research, service, strategic planning and business/market analysis.


Allan aka Big Al Connolly is our leader in Perth. He is the Founder of the Whealth Group Pty Ltd, Creator of Entrepreneursville, Guardian – Entrepreneurial Personality Type Book 410, Country Director – Entrepreneur Cafe AU, Partner and Accredited Flow and Performance Consultant – Entrepreneurs Institute.


Marina Sciarrino is our leader in Milan, Italy. She is passionaaboutfor learning and innovation and co-founder of the startup Brandorbi, the platform for phygital influence marketing.


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