{"maxtimeb":1420834620,"blinks":[{"id":"3788","when":"1420834620","title":"Won startup competition w\/ 70% of popular vote among 10 presenti","description":"MyCircles is poised to offer our members a significantly better way of enjoying social media & online dating than currently exists. This will be accomplished by allowing our users to customize their online experience in MyCircles by joining the Circles that are of interest to them and only receiving information from those interest + their friends. Members will be able to meet other people that have a similar interest to things they care about in any of the Circles they join. The social Circles will each be a network dedicated to that specific interest. MyCircles will also offer a series of targeted dating Circles to its users. The online dating industry has a wide spectrum of types of dating that are available, everything from looking for marriage, a casual relationship; dating by ethnicity, religion, hobbies or sexual preference. MyCircles will allow its users to have multiple profiles so they can cater each profile to the specific type of dating they're pursuing","lat":"25.7675","lng":"-80.1968","url":"www.mycircles.com","source":null,"category_id":"1","category_name":"Major Milestones","ba_mode":"startup","ba_id":"220939","ba_name":"MyCircles","ba_description":"MyCircles is an affinity based network that will provide 3 services to its users: Social, Dating & Professional Networking. Our members will be able to have multiple profiles so they can be customized for the various Circles they belong to. Your privacy is important to us & will be respected! By having multiple profiles, you are able to keep your personal, professional & private lives separate while managing them all easily \n\nMyCircles – affinity based social networking that allows members to customize their online experience to their specific interest, easier to meet people like you! \n\nDatingCircles- Provides members the ability to have 1 dating account w\/multiple profiles which can be customized to the specific type of dating they are interested in. Members can join one or many of the dating circles they are interested in. \n\nBy separating its services, consumers, advertisers & partners are easily able to Control their PRIVACY, the content they view, receive & are associated with.","ba_url":"www.mycircles.com","ba_logo":"http:\/\/startupblink.com\/uploads\/67954ca3cbf547211cd4a3c731353327.png","ba_lat":"25.772300720214844","ba_lng":"-80.18789672851562","ba_city":"Miami","ba_claimed":"1375","ba_country":"United States","ba_status":"1"}],"blinkids":"3788","fromsearch":true}