{"maxtimeb":1450714450,"blinks":[{"id":"11404","when":"1450714450","title":"Unbound Digital London 2015","description":"Creative Thinking Ventures at Unbound Digital London 2015 - @unboundglobal #unbounddigital \n\nThe UK’s most exciting innovation festival connecting leaders and growth stage companies from digital ecosystems around the world.\n\nThemed around open innovation and the future of digital with creative insights on the connected consumer, creativity of communications and the internet of everything, the two day innovation festival connects brands and global corporations with disruptive technology to fuel innovation and growth.\n\nThis is the place where entrepreneurs, influencers and corporate leaders from US, Europe and Asia meet.","lat":"45.6743","lng":"6.38683","url":"http:\/\/unbound.evolero.com\/unbound-digital-london\/profile\/72769\/marnix-groet","source":null,"category_id":"10","category_name":"Events","ba_mode":"organization","ba_id":"246","ba_name":"Creative Thinking Ventures","ba_description":"Creative Thinking Ventures specializes in start-ups in pre-seed and stand-up stage, and in helping developing business.<br \/><br \/>Mission<br \/>Investment in the very early stages of Startups. Pre-seed or seed only. Create value by developing the creativity. <br \/><br \/>Vision<br \/>We are proud of having developed a creative and original approach to investment. We are always looking for the creativity in the different aspects of a company, start-up or venture. How the originality and uniqueness translates in the satisfaction and preference of the customers, and enhances the competitiveness and approach to market.<br \/><br \/>We have a separate division which specializes in support activities.<br \/><br \/>Advisory and Consultancy<br \/>We have developed a competence in consumer oriented startups.<br \/>* Sharing Economy C2C<br \/><br \/>We also assure the link between new economy and old economy, with a particular focus on consumer and trade customers as well as training.<br \/>* Retail sector B2C<br \/>* Industrial sector B2B<br \/>International business development","ba_url":"www.creativethinking.ventures","ba_logo":"http:\/\/www.startupblink.com\/uploads\/d74074b0556a79c7100a6741ff75774a.jpg","ba_lat":null,"ba_lng":null,"ba_city":"Albertville","ba_claimed":"5843","ba_country":"France","ba_status":"1"}],"blinkids":"11404","fromsearch":true}