{"maxtimeb":1431673103,"blinks":[{"id":"6650","when":"1431673103","title":"The calendar for go-getters.","description":"CloudCal is an elegant Android calendar app that provides both the wide and narrow perspective on your time.The main view will give you a good overview of any month. Each day is surrounded by our magic circle that tells you in what time period of the day an activity takes place and what type of activity it is.\n\nSwipe up and down to navigate through time. And if you want to add an event, just do a long press on the day it’s going to happen. If you want to edit an already existing event, a short press on that day will allow you to change the details.\n\nIf you swipe left or right, the app brings you to either the week or day view. From here you can get a more close up idea of where your precious time is going to be spent. The week view defaults to five days because that’s easier to view on your screen, but workaholics are welcome to change it to show the full seven day week if they want.","lat":"51.5074","lng":"-0.127758","url":"http:\/\/CloudCal.net","source":null,"category_id":"1","category_name":"Major Milestones","ba_mode":"startup","ba_id":"221956","ba_name":"CloudCal","ba_description":"Our elegant Android calendar gives you an instant overview of your life – with our unique Magic Circles. \nSeamlessly integrates with Google and Exchange calendars.","ba_url":"http:\/\/CloudCal.net","ba_logo":"http:\/\/startupblink.com\/uploads\/c6d9bd7bf74456cca44f55d0040399ea.png","ba_lat":"51.50735092163086","ba_lng":"-0.12775829434394836","ba_city":"London","ba_claimed":"3291","ba_country":"United Kingdom","ba_status":"1"}],"blinkids":"6650","fromsearch":true}