{"maxtimeb":1429286602,"blinks":[{"id":"6110","when":"1429286602","title":"TechLove","description":"Our coworking space is located in the heart of Albuquerque's most busy and centralized city center - Nob Hill. Just East of the university, TechLove is a great space to enjoy a quiet work environment. We have furnished the space to resemble a business hub in a hotel, similar to a lobby or a comfortable living room setting. Come sit on a couch to get some work done or meet up with a business group. TechLove hosts many meetings and rents out as an event space on the weekends and evenings. There are many great restaurants in our neighborhood, as well as many other great local amenities. Perfect location for the business traveller. We are flexible and affordable to meet your business needs. Contact us for more info online or call (505) 990-2551.","lat":"35.0796","lng":"-106.601","url":"http:\/\/www.techlove.us","source":null,"category_id":"7","category_name":"Small Update","ba_mode":"coworking","ba_id":"470","ba_name":"TechLove","ba_description":"TechLove is like a living room and a comfortable hotel lobby. Wifi, tech services, snacks and good company are the beginnings of a great coworking experience.","ba_url":"http:\/\/www.techlove.us","ba_logo":"http:\/\/startupblink.com\/uploads\/f4f19b13b02090fe01454f72820f98eb.png","ba_lat":"35.0796012878418","ba_lng":"-106.60099792480469","ba_city":"Albuquerque","ba_claimed":"2935","ba_country":"United States","ba_status":"1"}],"blinkids":"6110","fromsearch":true}