{"maxtimeb":1444956507,"blinks":[{"id":"9815","when":"1444956507","title":"Startup Weekend Miami","description":"Startup Weekend Miami is a 54-hour event for developers, designers and entrepreneurs to hack on your latest idea. You will be able to present your own concept and form a team around it or join forces with someone else.\n\nOver the weekend, you will be putting the foundations of a business case, designing and building a product prototype, testing your assumptions with a potential customers, and, on Sunday night, pitch the results of your weekend's work to a panel of amazing judges. What's more, over the weekend, you will have access to startup experts, investors, coaches and mentors there to help you bring your big-ideas to life.\n\nStartup Weekend Miami has a "communication" focus. So your pitch and big idea could include: websites, apps, communication tools, wearables, journalism, PR, big data --essentially any that informs and engages people or groups and provides them information.\n\nBuild your entrepreneur skills and mojo and connect with the South Florida tech & startup community.","lat":"25.7617","lng":"-80.1918","url":"http:\/\/miami.up.co\/events\/7293","source":null,"category_id":"10","category_name":"Events","ba_mode":"organization","ba_id":"157","ba_name":"South Florida Startups","ba_description":"This is a community managed group for the entire South Florida Startup scene, including:<br \/><br \/>- Events (global and South Florida)<br \/>- Presentations<br \/>- Tips & tricks<br \/>- Investments, VCs, blog posts<br \/>- Product launches<br \/>- News and rumors<br \/>- Local startup job postings","ba_url":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/groups\/386409858231919\/","ba_logo":"http:\/\/www.startupblink.com\/uploads\/2e37f05f772a0611d0a117aef842d4d4.jpg","ba_lat":null,"ba_lng":null,"ba_city":"Miami","ba_claimed":"3852","ba_country":"United States","ba_status":"1"}],"blinkids":"9815","fromsearch":true}