{"maxtimeb":1401396752,"blinks":[{"id":"278","when":"1401396752","title":"Space Monkey Show Off Their P2P Storage System","description":"Space Monkey Founders Show Off Their P2P Storage System, Prepare For Kickstarter Campaign","lat":"40.7608","lng":"-111.891","url":"http:\/\/techcrunch.com\/2013\/04\/01\/space-monkey-demo\/","source":"TechCrunch","category_id":"9","category_name":"Other","ba_mode":"startup","ba_id":"2087","ba_name":"Space Monkey","ba_description":"Space Monkey is taking the cloud out of the datacenter creating a faster, cheaper, and more durable way to store and access data, from any device.\n\nSpace Monkey provides one terabyte of online storage for only $10 a month. Because Space Monkey is not burdened by the overhead of datacenters like other cloud services, this translates into more storage at a fraction of the price for consumers. \n\nSpace Monkey provides each user a storage device which plugs into their home network; This device ensures that the user's data is always protected through its peer-to-peer network. Once files are pushed to the network, they are safe even if the user\u2019s own device loses internet or power, breaks, is stolen, or otherwise destroyed.\n\nSpace Monkey provides easy access to data through a simple Space Monkey Folder, from any device including iOS and Android mobile devices, Windows, Mac and Linux clients, as well as any other web browser enabled technology from any connected location in the world.","ba_url":"http:\/\/spacemonkey.com","ba_logo":"https:\/\/s3.amazonaws.com\/photos.angel.co\/startups\/i\/13779-a2f34777456e7e235236b7931acffd44-medium_jpg.jpg?buster=1377001781","ba_lat":"40.760799407958984","ba_lng":"-111.89099884033203","ba_city":"Salt Lake City","ba_claimed":null,"ba_country":"United States","ba_status":"1"}],"blinkids":"278","fromsearch":true}