{"maxtimeb":1401288817,"blinks":[{"id":"189","when":"1401288817","title":"Songkick Raises 2 Million","description":"Songkick is in the process of raising $2 million, an SEC filing reveals. Songkick indexes a host of ticket vendors, venue websites as well as local newspapers to create a database of concerts...","lat":"51.5085","lng":"-0.125487","url":"http:\/\/techcrunch.com\/2011\/02\/15\/songkick-raises-2-million-to-help-people-track-catalog-live-music\/","source":"Techcrunch","category_id":"2","category_name":"Founders , Equity and Investors","ba_mode":"startup","ba_id":"10495","ba_name":"Songkick","ba_description":"Songkick is the great live music startup. Fans track their favorite artists so they never miss them live, and artists sell more tickets to their concerts.\n\nWe are a small team, proudly based in east London, but with global reach. More than 9 million fans use us every month across web and mobile, 90% from outside the UK.\n\nWe\u2019ve built the most comprehensive live music database on the web and are the biggest independent concert site in the world. We make money by helping fans find and buy tickets to concerts, and have now grown our revenue to millions of dollars.\n\nSongkick is backed by two of the most highly regarded investors in the world: Index Ventures and Sequoia \u2013 we were Sequoia\u2019s first UK investment.","ba_url":"http:\/\/songkick.com","ba_logo":"https:\/\/s3.amazonaws.com\/photos.angel.co\/startups\/i\/32452-96d8910b8e8a994ff3510ad6493c9428-medium_jpg.jpg?buster=1349863099","ba_lat":"51.52859878540039","ba_lng":"-0.10159900039434433","ba_city":"London","ba_claimed":null,"ba_country":"United Kingdom","ba_status":"1"}],"blinkids":"189","fromsearch":true}