{"maxtimeb":1440606800,"blinks":[{"id":"8808","when":"1440606800","title":"Sharp Cookie Advisors AB joined StartupBlink","description":"Sharp Cookie Advisors has one mission: to be the most customer-friendly supplier of legal services that help business owners and entrepreneurs around the world to build better companies. Currently based in Stockholm, Sweden and assisting clients through our international network doing great business in the Nordics, Europe, US, South America and Asia.\n\nWe know how to take your digital investments (Internet, software, digital media, cloud services and mobile applications) to the next level without letting risk management go beyond the ability to grow, increase conversion and customer satisfaction. Ask us about starting a business, digital marketing, growth hacking, social media, e-commerce, including contracts, personal data, compliance for cloud services, licenses, copyrights in the design and code and legal issues of the sharing economy, etc.\n\n- We make it fast, simple and affordable to protect your business legally - whether you are a startup or a mature company.","lat":"59.315","lng":"18.0644","url":"http:\/\/www.sharpcookieadvisors.com","source":null,"category_id":"9","category_name":"Other","ba_mode":null,"ba_id":null,"ba_name":null,"ba_description":null,"ba_url":null,"ba_logo":null,"ba_lat":null,"ba_lng":null,"ba_city":null,"ba_claimed":null,"ba_country":null,"ba_status":null}],"blinkids":"8808","fromsearch":true}