{"maxtimeb":1455094195,"blinks":[{"id":"12352","when":"1455094195","title":"Selected as one of Microsoft BizPark Network Partner","description":"NewCo Helsinki Accelerator today announced that it has been selected to join the Microsoft BizSpark Program as a Network Partner. The BizSpark Program is a global program designed to accelerate the success of early stage Startups by connecting them to Network Partners: active members of the global software ecosystem who can provide mentorship, guidance and resources to BizSpark Startups. BizSpark creates an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship between Microsoft Corp., Startups and Network Partners.\n"It's a great honor to be one of the two network partners in Finland selected by Microsoft for the BizSpark Plus Program. We are extremely happy to being part of this great initiative."- say Ari Seppänen, Partner Manager at NewCo Helsinki Accelerator.\nMicrosoft is committed to helping entrepreneurs to transform their ambitions into sustainable, dynamic businesses and to foster innovation and entrepreneurialism.","lat":"60.1733","lng":"24.941","url":"http:\/\/www.newcohelsinki.fi\/en\/news\/newco-helsinki-accelerator-co-operation-microsoft-among-top-global-accelerators","source":null,"category_id":"1","category_name":"Major Milestones","ba_mode":"accelerator","ba_id":"291","ba_name":"NewCo Helsinki Accelerator","ba_description":"NewCo Helsinki Accelerator 's mission is to accelerate the development of potential growth companies and to assist them into becoming internationally successful recognized businesses.<br \/><br \/>Founded in March 2013, we are an active and professional Business Accelerator providing the essentials for success for startup teams seeking to enter international markets.","ba_url":"http:\/\/www.newcohelsinki.fi\/accelerator.html","ba_logo":"http:\/\/www.startupblink.com\/uploads\/e021400c670d5710642101337927f3cd.png","ba_lat":"60.17332458496094","ba_lng":"24.941024780273438","ba_city":"Helsinki","ba_claimed":"2830","ba_country":"Finland","ba_status":"1"}],"blinkids":"12352","fromsearch":true}