{"maxtimeb":1402248056,"blinks":[{"id":"221","when":"1402248056","title":"Qual Canal newest batch of accelerator companies","description":"Qual Canal tracks conversations about TV shows in social media to deliver audience information to broadcasters, brands, and agencies.","lat":"-14.235","lng":"-51.9253","url":"http:\/\/techcrunch.com\/2012\/10\/31\/500-startups-batch-five\/","source":"TechCrunch","category_id":"10","category_name":"Events","ba_mode":"startup","ba_id":"82495","ba_name":"Qual Canal","ba_description":"Qual Canal is a leading Brazilian social TV provider. We are focusing on developing and discovery of how TV and social is a part of the Brazilian media landscape and how Brazilian consumers engage with both platforms, what data is available locally, how to make sense of that data, and how brands\/advertisers can use social TV insights to plan media. \n\nQual Canal Insights is a real time tool that enables broadcasters to monitor and engage their audience. For each program, broadcasters can view tweets minute by minute, analyze the audience buzz, see the most relevant tweets and users and interact with them using the tool. \n\nQual Canal Viral Index helps brands and agencies to plan better TV campaigns based on the audience buzz on Twitter. They can use our data to compare programs based on their twitter engagement performance versus TV ratings and find the most suitable for their strategies. ","ba_url":"http:\/\/qualcanal.tv","ba_logo":"https:\/\/s3.amazonaws.com\/photos.angel.co\/startups\/i\/127824-e99695ed223a5dbb08be5644ba56fed3-medium_jpg.jpg?buster=1381085328","ba_lat":"-14.234999656677246","ba_lng":"-51.92530059814453","ba_city":"Brazil","ba_claimed":null,"ba_country":"Brazil","ba_status":"1"}],"blinkids":"221","fromsearch":true}