{"maxtimeb":1431523460,"blinks":[{"id":"6591","when":"1431523460","title":"Post Series A Startups: Practical Workshop on Smar","description":"Workshop Program:\n\nImagine that your company has just received a Term Sheet. Based on a real life case study, the workshop will:\n\n- Go over the main financial trends, concepts and instruments currently on the minds of sophisticated investors in SILICON VALLEY, New York, London and Tel-Aviv.\n\n- Show how to correctly dissect the term sheet’s economic rights and understand them and their potential dilution impact.\n\n- Demonstrate how to crack and crunch the term sheet’s numbers using a simulation tool, the AlgoValue Wizard, to instantly identify the true value of your holdings if you accept any given term sheet as is\n\n- Help you to prepare your next round financing using the simulation tool to construct a sound tactical plan for negotiations with investors and relevant third parties","lat":"32.1638","lng":"34.8086","url":"http:\/\/bit.ly\/1IAPrtV","source":null,"category_id":"10","category_name":"Events","ba_mode":"startup","ba_id":"221921","ba_name":"AlgoValue","ba_description":"AlgoValue will revolutionize how startup founders and early investors defend their stakes.\n\nOur SaaS software provides startup and growth company stakeholders (founders, angel investors, VCs, stock option holders, etc) with quick, accurate and easy to use valuation and simulation tools to negotiate smarter deals in Series A fundings and thereafter.\n\nWe answer the key question: "What is the real value of my holding", in real time, under any scenario (capital raising or liquidity event) at a friendly price.\n\nOur 'do it yourself" solution brings total transparency and clarity to what is frequently an opaque process; our clients are empowered, the playing field is leveled, valuation complexities are simplified and minor errors carrying the seeds of expensive future value destruction are avoided.\nAll startups should be working with the AlgoValue solution, even before Series A.","ba_url":"www.algovalue.com","ba_logo":"http:\/\/startupblink.com\/uploads\/9474811d2be0505c4da0d818ac214083.png","ba_lat":"32.1638069152832","ba_lng":"34.80861282348633","ba_city":"Herzliya","ba_claimed":"3257","ba_country":"Israel","ba_status":"1"}],"blinkids":"6591","fromsearch":true}