{"maxtimeb":1431471768,"blinks":[{"id":"6584","when":"1431471768","title":"Microsoft partners with DevDraft","description":"Microsoft Partner Network has partnered with DevDraft, an online platform that provides instant access to qualified software developers who are ready to help build your applications and solutions. Source technical talent faster and streamline hiring by using DevDraft’s service that leverages intelligent algorithms that measure an individual’s coding acumen and ability to interpret data. With DevDraft, you are provided with your candidate’s coding samples along with insights into each candidate’s development skillset. And for this special offer for Microsoft Partner Network partners, there is no cost.","lat":"47.5996","lng":"-122.332","url":"https:\/\/mspartner.microsoft.com\/en\/us\/Pages\/Sales%20and%20Marketing\/isv\/devdraft.aspx","source":null,"category_id":"1","category_name":"Major Milestones","ba_mode":"startup","ba_id":"220108","ba_name":"DevDraft","ba_description":"DevDraft™ is a self-service platform that connects ambitious developers with companies based on merit. Our belief is that given high merit scores talented people can get connected to the right opportunities quicker than if they went through a more traditional route.\n\nOur mission is to scout the earth for talent and bring it to surface.\n\nOur passion is to uncover hidden talent. We go to remote corners of the earth and surface those who are being overlooked.\n\nOur motto is no bias, just merit.","ba_url":"www.devdraft.com","ba_logo":"http:\/\/startupblink.com\/uploads\/5dbd88fa26f95c7ca99c42b9d2f9a49f.png","ba_lat":"47.610198974609375","ba_lng":"-122.33300018310547","ba_city":"Seattle","ba_claimed":"575","ba_country":"United States","ba_status":"1"}],"blinkids":"6584","fromsearch":true}