{"maxtimeb":1428419336,"blinks":[{"id":"5857","when":"1428419336","title":"Metavallon has enabled over 150 founders in their entrepreneuria","description":"The Goal: 5 months to transform high-potential initiatives into startups geared up for scale – and investment.The Accelerator 2015 offers:<br \/>- 25.000 euros in pre-seed funding<br \/>Numerous perks including<br \/>- $10-60,000 in Microsoft Software and cloud services on Windows Azure<br \/>- $3,000 in Amazon Web Services (AWS)<br \/>- $100 in oDesk services plus free recruiting support and training on how to hire freelancers<br \/>- Οne month mission to San Francisco and Silicon Valley<br \/>Instruction, training, and one-to-one <br \/>- guidance through our international network of Experts<br \/>- Targeted networking across global markets and more to come!","lat":"37.978","lng":"23.7247","url":"http:\/\/metavallon.org\/","source":null,"category_id":"1","category_name":"Major Milestones","ba_mode":"accelerator","ba_id":"267","ba_name":"The Accelerator by Metavallon","ba_description":"The Accelerator is a rigorous 4-month business acceleration program aiming to support startups to build a powerful market presence, create a scalable business, secure follow-on funding, and get the right results, fast!<br \/>The aim is to empower founders to create phenomenal companies. With a global network of mentors, partners, investors, and founders, we are looking to get game-changing startups and dedicated entrepreneurs into high gear and transform them into powerful investment-worthy startups with a wide global reach. <br \/><br \/>The Accelerator offers participating teams a powerful setup, including:<br \/>• Growth training (all new!) and 1:1 execution coaching through a global network Experts and Investors<br \/>• Targeted networking within Europe and internationally<br \/>• Startup mission in San Francisco and Silicon Valley<br \/>• Over $220K in mind-blowing perks courtesy of our remarkable Program Allies to help founders skyrocket their success<br \/>• €22.000 in pre-seed funding","ba_url":"http:\/\/metavallon.org\/","ba_logo":"http:\/\/www.startupblink.com\/uploads\/7ec2216248568358284bb4e3b6c98d79.png","ba_lat":"37.97060775756836","ba_lng":"23.740549087524414","ba_city":"Athina","ba_claimed":"2734","ba_country":"Greece","ba_status":"1"}],"blinkids":"5857","fromsearch":true}