{"maxtimeb":1401232714,"blinks":[{"id":"200","when":"1401232714","title":"Making It Easier And Cheaper To Rent A Boat","description":"There’s a new breed of travel startups that wants to connect boat owners and occasional renters.","lat":"52.52","lng":"13.405","url":"http:\/\/www.businessinsider.com\/new-startups-offer-cheap-boat-rentals-2013-7","source":"Business Insider","category_id":"5","category_name":"Promotions and Offers","ba_mode":"startup","ba_id":"57274","ba_name":"Yachtico","ba_description":"YACHTICO.com is considered the \"booking.com\" for boat rental and yacht charter worldwide. Our international base of new\/existing clients can find and book a boat in numerous locations throughout the world using our search engine. Continual development on the search functions and options has seen this number increase significantly in the past 6 months.\n\nwww.yachtico.com already has over 17k boats listed in 2 languages and is the fastest growing platform for boat bookings worldwide. We work with both small, individual providers along with well-established large providers to secure our clients the best deals and bookings internationally.\n\nOur current client base ranges in locations from the EU such as the UK, Germany and Austria to the United States, Canada and Asia Pacific Regions of Australia and New Zealand. Budget travellers, corporate events and business class alike all book with Yachtico.com. \n","ba_url":"http:\/\/www.yachtico.com","ba_logo":"https:\/\/s3.amazonaws.com\/photos.angel.co\/startups\/i\/89894-c30ea444e7d04cb2c3cca50b97255e32-medium_jpg.jpg?buster=1336984481","ba_lat":"52.50749969482422","ba_lng":"13.42609977722168","ba_city":"Berlin","ba_claimed":null,"ba_country":"Germany","ba_status":"1"}],"blinkids":"200","fromsearch":true}