{"maxtimeb":1404333880,"blinks":[{"id":"741","when":"1404333880","title":"Keen IO has raised 11.3M in Series A funding","description":"Custom Analytics Startup Keen IO Raises $11.3M Round From Sequoia And Others | TechCrunch was added to our system 15 hours ago. This viral news story does not rank in our top 100 submissions.","lat":"41.8781","lng":"-87.6298","url":"http:\/\/www.viralnews365.com\/article\/Custom-Analytics-Startup-Keen-IO-Raises-11-3M-Round-From-Sequoia-And-Others-TechCrunch-1404282265.html#.U7RuxrEmWHc","source":"ViralNews365","category_id":"2","category_name":"Founders , Equity and Investors","ba_mode":"startup","ba_id":"5423","ba_name":"Keen IO","ba_description":"Keen IO is a fully managed cloud API that lets developers build complex, hyper-custom, large-scale analytics and data science features directly into their web, mobile, or Internet of Things applications.\n\nOur currency is event data, and events are a pretty broad abstraction. Every time someone draws a breath, clicks a link, loads a website, pauses a song, or starts a car, there's an event. Events like these, in large aggregate, are extremely useful -- and therefore valuable :)\n\nIt's probably worth mentioning that we're a platform company, not a product company. This means our customers are using the platform to build for an emergent and rapidly growing set of use cases. The same flexibility that makes us future-proof for a given customer also makes us future-proof from a market perspective. So while a product company seeks a certain kind of product-market fit, we allow product-market fit to come to us: our customers build it for themselves.","ba_url":"http:\/\/keen.io","ba_logo":"https:\/\/s3.amazonaws.com\/photos.angel.co\/startups\/i\/23102-a52c3433c34de94a9cde7404531238b2-medium_jpg.jpg?buster=1353668193","ba_lat":"37.774898529052734","ba_lng":"-122.41899871826172","ba_city":"San Francisco","ba_claimed":null,"ba_country":"United States","ba_status":"1"}],"blinkids":"741","fromsearch":true}