{"maxtimeb":1461726437,"blinks":[{"id":"13648","when":"1461726437","title":"Home for Singapore Startups in San Francisco","description":"A 5,000 sq ft space called "Block 71 San Francisco" has been operating since January last year. The venture is a partnership between NUS Enterprise, Singtel Innov8 and the investment arm of the Infocomm Development Authority.","lat":"1.31327","lng":"103.887","url":"http:\/\/www.straitstimes.com\/business\/economy\/a-home-for-singapore-start-ups-in-san-francisco","source":null,"category_id":"12","category_name":"Reporter News","ba_mode":"coworking","ba_id":"348","ba_name":"The OutPost","ba_description":"The OutPost exists to help our resident companies enter the Southeast Asian market quickly and effectively.<br \/><br \/>We cater to entrepreneurial growth companies starting their first Southeast Asian offices, or earlier stage companies scoping out the market.<br \/><br \/>Our flagship facility in Singapore offers a plug & play office and flexible, cost-effective lease terms in a fun, shared environment. Resident companies can easily network and learn from one another.<br \/><br \/>But what really distinguishes The OutPost is our team of experienced professionals with domain expertise in business development, marketing, public relations, law, accounting and finance who maintain strong relationships throughout the Southeast Asian region. <br \/><br \/>Either directly or through our roster of trusted partners, we provide a holistic service offering to get companies new to the region up and running in the shortest time possible, and to help them expand.","ba_url":"http:\/\/www.theoutpost.biz","ba_logo":null,"ba_lat":"1.3132723569869995","ba_lng":"103.88690185546875","ba_city":"Singapore","ba_claimed":"2004","ba_country":"Singapore","ba_status":"1"}],"blinkids":"13648","fromsearch":true}