{"maxtimeb":1446109645,"blinks":[{"id":"10129","when":"1446109645","title":"Entrelancers","description":"http:\/\/www.meetup.com\/Where-Entrepreneurs-Meet-Freelancers\/","lat":"50.8503","lng":"4.35171","url":"http:\/\/entrelancers.com\/","source":null,"category_id":"10","category_name":"Events","ba_mode":"organization","ba_id":"237","ba_name":"Entrelancers","ba_description":"Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or have a startup idea or a small\/medium company who wants to take his business online, but don't have the required expertise to execute it. Are you looking for co-founders, CTO, freelancers for your startup.This group will allow you to meet people who can help you turn your ideas into reality. <br \/>Are you a part-time\/full time freelancer looking for customers and new projects ? This meetup will help you find new opportunities.<br \/>The aim is to create a platform where potential entrepreneurs can meet suitable freelancers. We are calling this co-ordination as Entrelancers. <br \/><br \/>Apart from this, the group intends to bring together all the freelancers\/part timers community at one place, in order to exchange ideas, network, collaborate\/share work and help each other in solving problems.","ba_url":"http:\/\/entrelancers.com\/","ba_logo":null,"ba_lat":null,"ba_lng":null,"ba_city":"Brussels","ba_claimed":"5650","ba_country":"Belgium","ba_status":"1"}],"blinkids":"10129","fromsearch":true}