{"maxtimeb":1421688354,"blinks":[{"id":"4230","when":"1421688354","title":"Digital Magics has a track record of 40 investments in startups.","description":"Digital Magics is a venture incubator for innovative digital startups that offer content and services with a high technological value. Digital Magics is listed on AIM Italia managed by the Italian Stock Exchange. Digital Magics builds and develops Internet startups, working alongside their founders, investing its capital and providing acceleration services. It starts with talent and ideas and transforms them into businesses successful in the Italian and international digital economies. Digital Magics offers services to support innovation, creation and development of digital startups and it supports them in the search for new Italian, international, private and public investors to fund the successive stages of development. The Digital Magics model is unique in Italy and is based around the Digital Magics LAB: the team that identifies, analyses and launches new initiatives, providing innovative startups with digital business acceleration services for company development.","lat":"45.4364","lng":"9.20517","url":"http:\/\/digitalmagics.com\/","source":null,"category_id":"1","category_name":"Major Milestones","ba_mode":"accelerator","ba_id":"189","ba_name":"Digital Magics","ba_description":"Digital Magics, listed on AIM Italia (symbol: DM), is an incubator of digital projects that provides consulting services and acceleration services to startups and enterprises, to facilitate the development of new technological businesses. Thanks to the partnership with Talent Garden and Tamburi Investment Partners, Digital Magics has created the most important national platform for innovation for DIGITAL MADE IN ITALY, by offering services for the digital transformation and “Open Innovation” to excellent enterprises, while providing support to innovative startups to create successful projects, from conception to IPO. The incubation and acceleration services offered by Digital Magics are active in the TAG co-working campuses present throughout Italy. Complementary services include investment activities, which have produced over the years a portfolio of 48 investments in startups, scaleups and digital spinoffs with high growth rates.","ba_url":"http:\/\/digitalmagics.com\/","ba_logo":"http:\/\/www.startupblink.com\/uploads\/776861544216350e54cf5fd969a238e9.jpg","ba_lat":"45.43639373779297","ba_lng":"9.205170631408691","ba_city":"Milano","ba_claimed":"1768","ba_country":"Italy","ba_status":"1"}],"blinkids":"4230","fromsearch":true}