{"maxtimeb":1447884664,"blinks":[{"id":"10770","when":"1447884664","title":"Complimentary One Day Pass","description":"Do you need an awesome coworking community? Check out MiamiShared! \nSchedule a tour! Call 305-929-8688 x116 Ask Ariel for your complimentary one day pass!! \nMention StartUpBlink !","lat":"25.7834","lng":"-80.1897","url":"","source":null,"category_id":"5","category_name":"Promotions and Offers","ba_mode":"coworking","ba_id":"859","ba_name":"MiamiShared","ba_description":"MiamiShared is located in the prestigious 990 Biscayne Bay high rise. WOW your customers and competitors when they know the location of your business! Your clients will not only be impressed with your central location, but also by MiamiShared's modern design and stunning views of Downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay. It is right by the Miami Airlines Arena!<br \/>You won't have to worry about additional service and overhead fees such as internet, electricity, and even delicious gourmet coffee! We offer all of that and much more with a flat rate plan of your choice.<br \/>At MiamiShared, you'll be able to cut costs, increase revenue, and impress your clients to continue growing your business! MiamiShared is located in the luxurious 900 Biscayne Bay Building in Downtown Miami. Be in the heart of Miami's Business Hub!","ba_url":"www.MiamiShared.com","ba_logo":null,"ba_lat":"25.775400161743164","ba_lng":"-80.19170379638672","ba_city":"Miami","ba_claimed":"6180","ba_country":"United States","ba_status":"1"}],"blinkids":"10770","fromsearch":true}